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EventsHub is the right digital platform to support your event, whether organised on site, in a hybrid format or completely virtual. EventsHub will allow you to make your event shine and build an active community over time.

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Interactive Hybrid Event Platform

Get rid of the preconceptions of organising an event. One day / one place / one audience... Your audience is now anywhere in the world and available at any time!


Full virtual or hybrid?

Discover through all the features (link to features) how EventsHub can make your life easier. Simple: EventsHub offers an all-inclusive service!

Live streaming, workshops, networking, detailed attendee profiles, dynamic program, audience engagement (polls, q&a, chat), one-to-one videoconferences between attendees, sponsors and exhibitors zone, etc.

How does EventsHub make the organisation of your on site event easier?

Even for seminars, conventions or congresses only organised on site, enjoy the advantages of EventsHub's community power and tools: make registration available in just a few clicks, send newsletters to all members registered on the platform or to specific sessions/events, allow attendees to personalise their own agendas with the program sessions they are interested in and let them expand their network with our matchmaking module.

Give your audience a dedicated space to let them discover more content, documents and media related to your core theme. Turn your EventsHub platform into an agora around your topic of choice.

How does EventsHub make your community grow and build its loyaly?

More than just hosting events, EventsHub is a private social network that includes, for example :

  • Video and media library
  • News feed
  • Networking, virtual business cards, one-to-one video conferencing

Expand your audience with hybrid solutions

The days when it was necessary to spend one or more days in order to attend a few hours of meetings or congresses are over.

Enabling people who could not make it to your event to attend it is a real added value. Once the live event is over, broadcast your sessions on VOD and extend the life of your content!

Matchmaking for your sponsors and exhibitors

Allow your partners and sponsors to connect with attendees on your platform:

  • Dedicated live streams
  • Planning of one-to-one meetings
  • Media zone showroom
  • Call to action buttons

How do you put your sponsors in the showlight in a proportionate way?

3 categories of sponsors are available on the EventsHub platform:Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You can define the conditions and benefits of each one of these categories yourself

  • Create satellite sessions for your sponsors
  • Allow them to support the sessions of their choice
  • Offer them the privilege of appearing on the home page (where you want) of your event.

How to engage your community?

  • Live sessions, with real time chat, polls and Q&A
  • Workshops creation within the platform
  • Videoconferences integration from your own accounts
  • Matchmaking via chat and one-to-one videoconferences

Live? Sure... but not only!

Why does everything have to be live? Why not create your content in advance and simply broadcast it whenever it suits you best, so you can focus on interacting with your audience?

Plan your recording sessions ahead of time, strategically releasing the content so that participants have enough time to view, process and reflect on each piece for more meaningful exchanges during the live sessions.
With EventsHub, your sessions can be pre-recorded, live or even both, it's up to you ! The broadcast content can be delivered in any form and presented to your audience at any time.

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