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Meet, scan your QrCode and connect!

Quick thought: How do you manage networking during events, especially when they bring people together onsite and remotely?

We all agree that the best thing about big seminars and trade shows is meeting people, whether they are your future business partners or just interesting or funky people.

Tired of lost business cards in your pocket?
Disappointed that you didn't meet everyone?

EventsHub makes it easy to keep in touch with them, with a simple scan!
One click for each and you are connected and ready to keep in touch!

If you're attending the event remotely or don't have time to say hello to everyone, don't worry, find the list of all the attendees instantly and find them according to many search criteria!

That's what networking is all about today!

Simultaneous sessions

Broadcast multiple contents (live or VOD) at the same time.


Plan small groups working sessions.


Allow yourself to broadcast VOD content in order to interact with your audience during the sessions.

Detailed program

Enjoy a fully detailed evolutive program highlighting your speakers.

Personal program

Allow your attendees to build their own personalised program with the sessions they are interested in.

Highlight speakers

Put your speakers in the spotlight by dedicating them a tab to introduce them individually to your audience.

Highlight sponsors

Allow your sponsors to be proudly represented on your platform.

Full customisation

Make EventsHub yours by customising the platform with your own brand identity material.

Social networks

Retain your participants by inviting them to join your social networks.

Unlimited sessions

Enjoy an unlimited number of sessions.

Chat & Polls

Make sessions interactive by enabling chats, polls and other tools that will keep your audience engaged.


Sell tickets for your events through your Eventbrite account. Increase autonomy, efficiency and profitability


Allow attendees to share their virtual business cards and therefore expand their network.

Push notifications

Remind your public about their favorite sessions, their chats and their networking requests with the push notifications system.

Video conference One-to-One

Add a one to one video conference option to your subscription to allow your audience to get to know each other.

Registration fields

Choose yourself the fields to register on your platform and their labels for the virtual business cards system.

Email registration

Don't worry about the good reception of your attendees' access, and use our email registration system to keep track on your participants and make sure to reach them.

Advanced statistics

Check out and evaluate your success with the full statistics tool and use it to improve your strategy.


Keep a record and save all the data of your activities (statistics, audience information, …).


Benefit from a responsive support system that listens to you as your projects unfold.