EventsHub Support

EventsHub Platform Support

EventsHub do not just sell a solution, EventsHub support your events!

The EventsHub teams do their utmost to make their digital event platforms as intuitive and accessible as possible. Nevertheless, we make it a point of honour to accompany our clients and partners in the production of their events.

For this reason, the support area in the administration area of the platform is extremely complete and takes up, step by step, each stage of the creation, management and processing of content, participants and statistics with illustrations, videos and detailed explanations.

If that wasn't enough, we also offer several types of support, from the most basic to individual support: before, during and after your event.

Pricing plans

Standard Pack


  • Help Zone Learning via admin account; tutorials, FAQs and how-to guides
  • Support by mail
  • Maximum response time: 48 hours

Comfort Pack

250 € HTVA / month

  • Includes the "Standard Pack"
  • Videoconference and telephone call
  • Maximum response time: 24 hours

Assistance Pack

500 € HTVA / month

  • Includes "Comfort Pack"
  • Provision of 4 hours of telephone or video conference assistance

Teammate Pack

75 € /h HTVA (before/after the event)

90 € /h HTVA (during the event)

  • Includes the "Assistance Pack"
  • Assistance before or during your event
  • Configure your platform with you EventsHub*
  • Our teams are available on working days and during office hours in Europe CTE+1
  • The times quoted are MAXIMUM times. In all cases, our support teams do their utmost to respond and provide a solution as quickly as possible
  • * Planning at least one week in advance