About us

The EventsHub brand is part of the Learnence Group company established in 2009. As experts in the production of audiovisual events, we developed the EventsHub platform to enable a new approach to hybrid events brought about by the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic. As event planning methods have evolved, so have we. Let's move forward together.

As advisors to your projects, our missions are the following:

  • Identify the appropriate technologies and make them accessible to all,
  • To actively accompany clients through the process of developing and implementing their projects,
  • Sublimate our partners' projects with inventiveness.

Let us put our cherry on your cake!


The EventsHub brand shares the same recognised values as its parent company Learnence Group.

Creating value

Let's build the DNA of your project together, making it unique through Learnence quality services.


We explore and integrate new web and video technologies into your projects or create them for you.


At Learnence, respect for the various parties involved in a project is a central element of quality work.

Smile, welcome and friendliness

Working with our team is the guarantee of a sunny day.


Partners who are transparent and honest.

One source for unlimited resources

As part of the Learnence group, EventsHub can provide you with a range of related services: live streaming hosting, broadcast quality video production equipment (cameras, control room, cranes, sound recording equipment), specialised teams, production as well as graphic research or video pre-production: credits, jingles, interviews, reports, custom graphics, etc.